The Vallarta Institute wants to celebrate how any two people, from any two countries, who speak any two languages, coming from any two walks of life can come together to recreate the world in a way that they could not do by themselves.

The 2X2 Recreate the World Award comes with a $2,222.22 donation that the Vallarta Institute donates in the honor of award recipients to one or two non-profit service organizations. An award reception take place annually in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Each year the Vallarta Institute expects to grow the award by $2,222.22.

Nominations for awards come from guests of the Vallarta Institute Salon Series. Salons gather a group of people who wish to re-create themselves and the world and to give the gift of dialogue and recreation. Each Salon (akin to workshops or retreats) can nominate a pair of people, who are making a difference in the world. For a list of upcoming Salons, see the Program Calendar. At the end of each year, Salon guests will also be asked to be part of the award selection process.

First Award Recipients

Patricia Arenas from Cuba and Diana Whitney from the US were selected as the first recipients of the Vallarta Institute’s Annual 2X2 (Two by Two) Recreate the World Award.

Patricia Arenas is the Director of the Human Change Project of the Center for Psychological and Sociological Research in Havana, Cuba. Diana Whitney is the President for the Corporation for Positive Change in Taos, New Mexico, USA.

Patricia and Diana received the first 2X2 Recreate the World Award for no less than two reasons. First, they were the first two of ten co-authors to offer to co-write the groundbreaking book “Cultures of Participation at Work in Cuba and the US”, published in both the US (OD Network) and Cuba (CIPS). The publication highlights 10 examples, 5 from Cuba and 5 from the US, of how businesses and organizations are successfully building cultures of participation.

In addition Diana and Patricia were two of the strongest inspirations behind the creation of the Vallarta Institute. Diana, a world leader in the art of Appreciative Inquiry, coined the name “Vallarta Institute” after the popular Cape Cod and Taos Institutes in the US. The work of Patricia, a Cuban leader in the development of more human organizations, also motivated the creation of the Vallarta Institute as a human organization.

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